OCEANSTAR Maritime believes in offering value-added services to its clients across all the business domains that it deals in. While nurturing an experienced in-house talent pool, we have also built strategic ties with esteemed professionals across a wide variety of segments. These strategic partnerships enable us to cater to the unique requirements of our clients effectively and efficiently.

Insurance Partner

At OCEANSTAR Maritime, we aim to provide the best of everything to our clients. To offer appropriate insights and help the clients choose suitable insurance plan, we have partnered with the insurance companies. The insurance will mostly pertain to marine equipment, cargo, Protection and Indemnity, offshore requirements, and more.

MOU Partner

Trust and support are the most important factors while doing business together. An MOU helps us to maintain stability in business and maintains a bond between the various parties involved. To ensure transparency in all the agreements and keep all the involved parties on the same page, we have partnered with


Since we provide marine education for individuals who are yet to explore this industry, we have partnered with some of the finest educational institutes. We teamed up with these organisations to ensure that the candidates are well-trained, professional, and ready to explore the practical aspect of the shipping industry.


After building a firm foundation of conceptual framework, the next important step is to gain practical knowledge of the field. It helps to grasp the working and quick decision making. Also, it helps shaping up the career path of the candidates in terms of the field that captures their interest the most. To train individuals and provide them with the best industry knowledge, we have partnered with the following distinguished training institutes


Shipping is a gigantic industry with numerous aspects such as employees, ships, boats, motors, jetties, technical equipment, offshore platforms, surveys, maintenance, consultancies, and much more. By its very nature, marine industry is capital intensive. Actively backing us on our growth path for our capital requirements, our banking partners are

Travel Partner

OCEANSTAR is a preferred crew travel partner for national and global organisations across a wide range of business verticals. Leveraging our core strengths in maritime operations and support services, we provide seamless, localized travel services that meet the time sensitive needs of our clients in a cost effective and responsive manner.