About Us

OCEANSTAR Maritime is a one-stop solution offering all the marine services and offshore marine requirements. We are a team of experienced professionals from diverse fields such as Navy, Merchant Shipping, Offshore industry, Refinery industries, Ship repairs and more. After conducting thorough research and understanding the needs of the marine industry, we have come up with several propositions and services for a wide range of clients. From offering marine services, technical support, marine consultancy, conducting surveys and research in the marine industry and the offshore industry, to dealing with career options for individuals, we provide them with all through our robust in-house capacity as well as professional linkages. Our objective is to tender appropriate solutions for clients and make them feel proud for choosing us.


To become the most successful maritime organisation in the world harnessing the oceans with opportunities they provide in a sustainable, environment-friendly and harmonious way by creating value for customers and for the benefit of mankind.


To deliver high-performance standards by a holistic understanding of the Marine industry and Offshore industry applying principles of quality, health & safety, preserving the environment and thereby providing solutions to challenges worldwide with a commitment to deliver marine services and offshore services on time.


Values define our core substance. They reflect the company’s approach towards its clients. At OCEANSTAR, we aim to provide the best results to our clientele and abide by the following values while doing so :

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Trust and Commitment to Customers and Workforce
  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Continuous Learning and Innovation

Quality Policy

Our management strives to ensure customer satisfaction with a focus on quality, health and safety, preserving the environment, acquiring and retaining customer loyalty. Along with the management, each employee works towards improving the work culture, processes, services, and systems.

Our primary objectives, in addition to the ones mentioned above, are :

  • Process-centred approach

  • System Integration
  • A strategic and systematic methodology

  • Data Acquisition and Market Intelligence

Executive Team

Our team at OCEANSTAR includes experts from various fields of marine services. After serving the marine industry for 25-30 years, these professionals have teamed up together to provide one-stop marine solutions.

Manoj Soneji
Manoj SonejiFounder and CEO
Cdr. Balakrishnan G Nair
Cdr. Balakrishnan G NairCOO

Our Mentors & Advisory Board

Our determined efforts have enabled us to build a team of Mentors who are of elite class, successful and have abundant knowledge. We leverage this for the personal and career development of the mentee to achieve or exceed their life’s goals and aspirations, providing guidance and advice to mould them into future mentors.

Guiding us to make the correct decisions, and understand the exact needs of the marine industry, our mentors support us in every manner possible.

Seeking advice from the expert minds in the industry.

Dr. Sanjaya Pillai
Dr. Sanjaya PillaiAdvisor Offshore Projects
Vimlesh Chaurasia
Vimlesh ChaurasiaStrategic and Financial Advisors Risiko Consulting LLP
Hiren Joshi
Hiren Joshi Strategic and Financial Consultant, RiSiKo Consultant LLP

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate entity, OCEANSTAR’s initiatives enable

  • Development of green ships right from design, building, operating till decommissioning and disposing.
  • Transparency of company objectives maintained between us and our clients

  • Safety of employees and their family’s security and health.

  • Development of teamwork irrespective of age, sex or nationality.