Marine Warranty Surveyor

As accredited international Marine Warranty Surveyors (MWS), OCEANSTAR Maritime helps its clients in making sure that their marine projects are executed and functioning according to the highest levels of performance. Our extensive pool of experienced marine warranty surveyors efficiently renders services of on-site attendance and document review including Deepwater pipelay, Winch trials, Calibration, Heavy cargo stowage, and Sea fastening, Transportation, Loadout, Rigging review, Lifting, and Bollard Pull Trials, Inclining Experiment, Weight and Centre of Gravity (CG) assessment.

Cargo Surveying

As highly qualified professionals holding certifications in Cargo Surveying, we are equipped to fulfill the needs of our clients involved in maritime trade. With our updated domain knowledge about the critical aspects of cargo shipping such as cargo characteristics, stowage, securing and marine insurance, we help our clientele ensure safe shipping of the cargo to its destination.

Marine Engineering Services

We undertake various marine engineering services such as ship designing; building, testing and repairing ships, boats, offshore platforms; and drilling equipment. We also create blueprints for small yachts and fishing boats to ships of the various classes. The in-house naval architects at OCEANSTAR Maritime are experienced professionals working with great ingenuity and adaptability; and execute the client mandate skillfully to provide quality services and fulfill the customers’ needs.

Crane Maintenance And Services

Among the several services provided by us, crane maintenance and crane maintenance services is one key area. Cranes are one of the most important lifting equipment required for fabrication of onshore and offshore assets. We also help in shipping cranes to such project locations. Inspection and maintenance of facilities to ensure safe and efficient control and operations of cranes and other lifting equipment are performed by us. Certification of new cranes, risk assessment of crane operations, and inspection of cranes and other lifting equipment are undertaken by OCEANSTAR Maritime.


We facilitate the provisioning of life-saving appliances (LSA) such as lifeboats, life rafts, life jackets, life buoys, and more on the ships and boats. As per the standard shipping regulations, we also provide onboard fixations of firefighting appliances (FFA) such as fire pumps, fire detectors, and alarms, portable fire extinguishers, fire hoses and fire hydrants. We also carry out inspections of these appliances onboard and on offshore platforms.

Yard Services and Dry-docking assistance

We provide services such as dredging of channels, provision of tugs, and shore supply generators, routine and emergency docking for ships and craft of all sizes. We review the docking plan and advise on special needs. We conduct the hull, paint, tank, anode and chain survey.

Moorings and Rigging

We render expert advice on mooring hawsers and fenders to anchor the ships and boats to the berth and jetties. We also undertake detailed mooring study to meet the special needs of floating platforms, such as station keeping requirements and cargo discharge at sea and anchorage. Advice on Mooring needs for S-T-S and S-J-S cargo transfer is also provided by us. We also provide end to end advice on selecting the best mode rigging.

Hull Machinery / Equipment

OCEANSTAR provides installation of deck and hull machinery services for machinery such as steering gear, capstans, windlasses, winches and others. Timely inspection and maintenance are needed to keep them in proper working condition. At OCEANSTAR, we facilitate the installation as well as maintenance of these machinery as per OEM norms.

Diving and Div Equipment

We have a pool of professional Air and Saturation Divers with vast experience in handling operations up to 100 meters of water depth. We help our clients in undertaking underwater tasks including repairs and enhancements as required. Having tie-ups with several well-known agencies that deal with the diving equipment, we are able to provide the required tools to our clients. We also have dedicated personnel for monitoring and maintaining the ROVs.

Dynamic Position

We deal with the general review of conventional dynamic positioning (DP) systems on ships. We follow the guidelines laid down by IMO, NMD and IMCA and suggest improvements required for redundancy of the ship’s DP equipment.